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The focus for the Rainbow Communications web-site is poetry.
These three books provide examples and guidelines
for many new, invented and traditional forms.

Hope you will enjoy discovering and experimenting with these forms.

Linda Varsell Smith
Corvallis, Oregon

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Stay in the Company of Rainbows

Stay in the company of rainbows,
spiral the spectrum around your heart and vision.
Sprinkle stardust on the striped light
to out-twinkle the stars.

Stay in the company of rainbows
so color merges,
so color doubles and multiples
of abundance are possible.

Stay in the company of rainbows
as bridges to new dimensions,
as arches of connection.
The sky-smile hovers with light-changes.

Stay in the company of rainbows
high-humping toward heaven,
two-touching for grounding,
a wide sturdy stance to view the universe.

Linda Varsell Smith

Books by Linda Varsell Smith

The Books:

Syllables of Velvet

Handbook of Poetry Forms
You Can Count On

Over 500 New and Traditional Poetry Forms and Patterns that count letters, syllables and words to create rhymed and unrhymed poems with examples and guidelines.


Playing with New and
Favorite Poetry Forms

Guidelines and Examples of
Over 300 Poetry Forms


Over 150 Poetry Forms and Approaches
Recipes and Examples

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